An engineer’s best friends

As Marilyn Monroe once sang, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – they’re immortal. Technical gemstones are an engineer’s best friends. After all, when it comes to material properties, workability and possible uses, they’re endless.

Maximum precision, minimum wear

Synthetic sapphires and rubies are extremely hard and versatile. Components made from sapphire and ruby are the first choice whenever you need maximum precision and minimum wear. We are the specialist for this material and its many shapes and geometries.

For all those who want to know more

The synthetic sapphire and ruby is a hexagonal, rhombohedral monocrystal made from aluminium oxide. Hardness and non-porosity characterise its high mechanical wear resistance. The extremely high surface qualities and precision can be produced with corresponding processing. The monocrystal is resistant to chemical substances, and it even remains absolutely dimensionally stable at high temperatures. It possesses remarkable electrical properties. Its optical transmission in the visible, ultraviolet and infrared spectrum fulfils the highest demands.

Image: Ring jewels made from sapphire and ruby

Ring jewels made from sapphire and ruby

Ideal for all dosing applications in industry and medical technology. The precision of the stones guarantees the exact delivery of the defined volume flows.

Image: Ring jewels made from sapphire and ruby

Rods, Glasses and Discs

For various applications such as axles, optics and medical technology. Also for windows for viewports used in the high-pressure area. The lenses are absolutely scratch-proof and robust; they are also often used in experimental set-ups.

Image: Ring jewels made from sapphire and ruby

Balls & Valves

Ring jewels and balls play together perfectly – they form an unrivalled pair that is precisely adjusted and tested by us. Ideal for precise measurements with sensors and sensitive measuring instruments. Wear and abrasion resistant.