Precision is good medicine

Highly precise bearings with the lowest friction coefficients, utmost reliability and long service lives are required for pharmaceutical and medical technology. And they can be found at Oskar Moser. Or the finest valves in endoscopy. Or applications in the field of thromboelastometry when measuring blood clotting values, or in valve control for draining cerebrospinal fluid in the event of hydrocephaly. Oskar Moser has good ideas for effective medical technology. Just get in touch with us!

Image: Sapphire ring jewel with ruby ball

Current Applications

With the skilful combination of ring jewel and ball, highly precise applications can be realised, e.g. for titration and the delivery of tiny quantities of active pharmaceutical ingredients at an ultra-fast rhythm.

Image: Specially-developed pharma valve

Complete Valves

Besides matching individual components, Oskar Moser also produces complete assemblies with proven accuracy – everything from one source.