Perfection for paper

Water jet nozzles with rubies and sapphires are used in the paper industry to clean the wet sieve/press felt. They offer the perfect, coherent water jet and long service lives. Many paper machines around the world work with integrated water jet cleaning nozzles using ruby or sapphire ring jewels from Oskar Moser. And our double-jet and triple-jet trim nozzles ensure perfect edge cutting

Image: Trim nozzles

World record trim nozzles

Incidentally, our trim nozzles are top of their class around the world: the TRD101 from Oskar Moser is the world record-holder for production speed and has been installed throughout the world in the most modern and fastest paper plants.

Image: Cleaning nozzles

Cleaning Nozzles

For the perfect cleaning of the sieves and felts in paper machines. Oskar Moser provides you with comprehensive advice on the right cleaning nozzles for your machinery.