Dosing air flows exactly

When air or gases need to be supplied in a precise, dosed manner, the finest nozzle jewels made from sapphire and ruby are ideal. The particular advantage of the gemstone nozzle lies in the precision and surface quality of the jewel hole. Using critical nozzles, flow rates for air or gases can be set with a very high level of stability. They are thus very well-suited to the calibration of all kinds of mass flow and volume flow measuring equipment for air and gases, such as gas meters, LFEs, mass flow meters and all other kinds of flow meters.

Image: Air nozzles

Our air nozzles

Precise air dosage and turbulence-free air condition are the strengths of our LD nozzles. Choose from two series: LD020 with 2 mm and LD030 with 3 mm external diameter; nozzle shield in each case made from a precision-made ruby jewel bearing. Hole diameter from 0.10 to 0.46 mm. Individual diameters on request.